Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does SafeRide work?

A: SafeRide is a mobile app that is installed on the Driver's phone.  It identifies your car using its Bluetooth radio and then locks your phone when you begin to drive.  


Q: What happens when my phone is locked?

A: The phone's audio will be set to mute and access to the screen and buttons will be blocked.  The phone will still be operational even though you cannot access it - messages and missed calls will be waiting for you when you arrive.  When you arrive, your phone will unlock after a short delay of 30 seconds - this prevents your phone from unlocking at normal traffic stops.  No checking messages at the light! 

On your iPhone, the screen will simply go dark when you begin to drive.  Any attempt to open the screen will bring you to your iOS Lock Screen, if enabled.  Any further attempt to unlock the screen, will cause the screen to go dark again.  

Android users will see a SafeRide Lock Screen that they will not be able to bypass.  


Q: I have an older car without Bluetooth.  Can I still use SafeRide?

A: Yes, SafeRide can be used with any Bluetooth device that you can leave in your car.  If you do not have a Bluetooth device to use, please contact us here to pre-order a SafeRide CarCharger+ which will be available soon.


Q: Can I still use my hands-free system?

A: Yes, SafeRide allows you to continue to use your existing hands-free systems, whether through your dash or an aftermarket system.  You can also use Siri on your iPhone and Google Voice for your Android to interact with your phone hands-free, if you have enabled this feature.


Q: I use an app for navigation.  Can I still use this with SafeRide?

A: Yes, the SafeRide for Android App allows you to specify up to 3 Approved Apps that can be accessed while you are driving.  You can find this setting by clicking the "gear" icon on the upper left corner of the SafeRide for Android App's home screen.  From there, go to Preferences and select your Approved App.  This feature is coming soon for SafeRide for iPhone.


Q: What if I am a passenger?

A: The SafeRide App provides a passenger mode for those instances when you are a passenger in your own car.  Before your trip, open the SafeRide App and select Passenger Mode.  For your next ride the phone will remain unlocked.  Following that one ride, SafeRide will revert to normal mode.  

If you have already started driving and your phone is locked, you can still access Passenger Mode.  On your Android device, simply tap Passenger Mode on the SafeRide Lock Screen.  iPhone users will need to swipe right on the SafeRide notification that appears to open the SafeRide App, then tap Passenger Mode.  iPhone users may also use Siri to open the SafeRide App while the phone is locked.


Q: How can I make an emergency call while my phone is locked?

A: If you need to make an emergency call (limited to emergency services only) you can tap Emergency Call from the Lock Screen in Android.  For iPhone users, you will need to swipe right on the SafeRide notification that appears on your iPhone when locked.  After opening the SafeRide App, tap Emergency Call.  iPhone users may also use Siri to open SafeRide, and then tap Emergency Call.


Q: I am a parent.  How can I make sure my child is using SafeRide?

A: SafeRide was designed with the teen driver (and the concerned parent) in mind.  There are many safeguards working within the app to prevent its misuse.  Furthermore, alerts can be set to let you know when SafeRide is not being used correctly.  

You may also Login to your SafeRide Dashboard, where you are able to confirm the status of your child's SafeRide App.  You will also be able to see an indication if your child is currently driving.  


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Q: I still have questions?

A: If you don't find the answer you are looking for please contact us today!