SafeRide App for iPhone (beta)

Thank you for your interest in safer driving. Follow these simple instructions to try SafeRide for iPhone (beta). (for Android, please click here). Please bear with us as we work to simplify the process further.

How to Install the App:

  1. On your phone, click this link:
    Install SafeRide for iPhone
  2. Your phone will display the following message:
    " would like to install "SafeRide".
    Select "Install".
  3. Open the app. You will see the following error:
    "Untrusted Enterprise Developer". This is ok.
  4. Go to Settings / General / Profiles and Device Management
    (may be slightly different, depending your version of iOS).
  5. Select "TELEMETRIYA, OOO", then "Trust TELEMETRY, OOO", then "Trust".

How to Set Up the App:

  1. Get in and turn on your car.
  2. Open the SafeRide app and click Device Setup.
  3. Click +Add New SafeRide.
    The app will discover your car's Bluetooth device after a few moments.
  4. Select your car's Bluetooth device and add it as a "SafeRide." 

Once you begin driving, your phone will lock within the first 1000 feet. If you attempt to unlock the phone while driving, or within 30 seconds of coming to a stop, the phone will lock again.

After a stop of longer than 30 seconds, the phone will unlock until you begin driving again. If after adding a new device, the phone does not lock shortly after driving, please try rebooting the phone. 

contact us

Please contact us with any questions or feedback as we work to improve the user experience and prevent distracted driving.