Alerts & Reports

Monitor the SafeRide activity of a teenager or employee. Receive texts when SafeRide is disabled or not used as expected, and more. 

Automatic Text Reply

SafeRide can text anyone who tries to call or text you while you’re driving, letting them know you’ll get back to them when you’re stopped.

Approved Apps

If desired, keep the ability to use safe, functional apps (like navigation) while driving.

Hands-free Bluetooth

Allow for the use of a hands- free system (in-dash or headset) while the phone remains locked.

Passenger Mode

Enable your phone for use when you are a passenger in your own car. Set a temporary passcode that expires after one use.

Emergency Dialing

<p="text-align: left;">Swipe a “9” on the lock screen in the event of an emergency, and your phone will call your local emergency repsonder.